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Adele treats young Grenfell Tower survivors to extra-special cinema trip


Nearly two months have passed since the Grenfell Tower fire claimed the lives of dozens of Londoners.

In the intervening period, many people have seen their attention diverted. There are, however, some notable exceptions.

A number of musicians came together as part of the ‘Artists for Grenfell’ movement, recording a cover of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ which featured a particularly moving verse from Stormzy, while Adele is among the biggest names to continue to support those affected.

For all the support offered, many were left homeless and a number of survivors are still waiting for answers.

Adele is still supporting them, however, having been on the scene paying her respects in the immediate aftermath of the fire.

Following a fundraising effort on the London singer’s part, she went above and beyond for a number of the young people affected by the tragedy.

As reported by PressParty, the Tottenham-born singer took a group of children to a private cinema screening of Despicable Me 3 at Whiteley’s, just a couple of miles from Grenfell Tower.

On Sunday afternoon, players from Arsenal and Chelsea held a minute’s silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the Grenfell fire.

Prosecutor Alison Saunders has since revealed that – while investigations remain at an early stage – criminal charges for those responsible cannot yet be ruled out.

(Image: Rex)



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